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Cookies on eGDC

eGDC cookie policy

Cookies and how we use them

eGDC website uses cookies. A 'cookie' is a piece of information, like a tag, which some websites create to enable the web server to collect information from your computer. In doing so some cookies collect data such as your IP address or location information which under the General Data Protection Regulation are your personal data.

The 'cookies' we use log your progress through the site and record how you accessed it. We use the statistical information collected in cookies to improve our content. However, some cookies are essential for our websites to work securely and should not be disabled.

Users can decide how and when personal data is collected and used in cookies. Non-essential cookies will only be enabled if you choose to activate them.

Setting your preferences

Below, we have listed the cookies we use on this site. We have highlighted those which are optional and which you are choosing to activate if you agree to their use.

To change your cookie preference, click below to display our cookie banner and select your desired option.

Change my cookie preference for eGDC

Also highlighted below are those cookies which are essential to the function of the website which cannot be deactivated.

Cookie Name Purpose Persistent or Session
GDCAUM Manages status and progress for logging into eGDC. Essential. Session
.ASPXAUTH Maintains user session on eGDC. Essential. Session
bdfhjigeca Manages status, progress and retrieval of data for returning users for online applications. Essential. Persistent (45 days)
_ga Used by google analytics to distinguish users. Optional. Persistent (2 years)
_gid Used by google analytics to distinguish users. Optional. Persistent (1 day)
_gat Used by google analytics to throttle request rate. Optional. Session (1 minute)
GDC_cookieconsent_status Used by eGDC to record your selected cookie preference. Not essential but would result in cookie message being displayed on every visit if not selected. Optional. Persistent (365 days)